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Bontempi shelf




Zen - Bontempi shelf

Shelf adjustable horizontally and vertically, composed of 3 elements and two shelves composed of 3 elements . Back in SuperMarble, side panel and shelf in Transparent glass.

Models and dimensions

  • 09.51 - W 33 x D 24 x H 33 cm
  • 09.52 - W 76 x D 24 x H 33 cm

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Read more about Bontempi

Thanks to the acquisition of several companies and societies and thanks to the diversification of the production, Bontempi offers to its customers many ways to decorate their houses. Bontempi proposes 5 ranges, for all living spaces:

Signature beds: for retro bedrooms, furnished with very good taste and aesthetics; we sell not only beds, but also the furnishings and accessories that match them well, such as dressing tables, bedside tables and mirrors; "Glicine" collection is really refined;

Designer beds: for modern-style rooms; beds, dressing tables and bedside tables are created by the best designers;

Tables, chairs and accessories: stools, small tables, walls with a unique design, sofas, sofa beds and armchairs; traditional, modern and cutting edge contemporary kitchen models.

Moreover, with Biflex, the Bontempi Group is able to provide in the marketplace armchairs and sofas for a medium-low range of consumers, with cheap but quality products. Ingenia Casa, which belongs to the Bontempi Group, besides beds and sofa beds, offers also tables, chairs and bedside tables. Bontempi leading products, that have achieved and still keep achieving resounding succes, are mainly the Manon bed, the Net chair, the Zoom and the Diesis tables and all the new proposals that have been showed in the various furniture fairs, including the Eidos Collection, a very flexible living system, and Twin, the fully suspended kitchen, with an unprecedented design, made of tempered glass and decorated by printing and LED lighting.

These are high level productions, with an innovative design and an impeccable resistance.


acquista Zen Bontempi shelf

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