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Tangent - Pallucco lamp

Tangent is an adjustable floor lamp inspired by geometric principles. The form and simplicity of the lamp’s mechanism gives it a sculptural quality that invites you to interact and explore its function.

The lamp consists of two main elements: A linear LED with an integrated dimmer is contained in the light tube. This interacts with the ring of the free standing pedestal through the combination of tension, friction and balance allowing the user to create whatever functional or aesthetic lighting effect is desired.

Although unique, the mechanism is intuitive and easily understood. The light tube can be rotated around the ring, rotated along its own axis and moved linearly. Finally via the pivot in the base and by positioning the lamp itself in the room innumerable scenarios are possible; reflecting off walls for ambient light, creating scenographic effects or simply as a task light.

Versions and dimensions

  • Tangent mini: Ø base 14 cm, W 51,5 x H 42 cm (H max 65 cm). Suggested light bulb:dimmable linear LED 5W , 270lm 3000K
  • Tangent media: Ø base 25,5 cm, W 111 x H 139 cm (H max 202 cm). Suggested light bulbdimmable linear LED 10W, 700lm 3000K
  • Tangent XL: Ø base 35 cm, W 248 x H 207 cm. Suggested light bulb: dimmable linear LED 21W, 3640lm 3000K



Read more about Pallucco

The workshop of Paolo Pallucco became Design Company in 1988, and then, in the 90s, he started to be open to the formal precepts of minimalism, when the network of international designers that would make up the creative soul of Pallucco strengthened. The design opens to decorative instances at the beginning of the new millennium, when formal lines and creativity work in creating a recognizable aesthetic, thanks to the dutch influence. In 2008 Pallucco's decorative design became emotional, in the incessant search for a balance between emotion, function and sustainability.

The PALLUCCO LIGHT products line includes a wide and articulated collection of lamps: suspension lamps, floor lamps, table lamps, wall lamps and ceiling lights. Among the table lamps we remember Crinolina, a collection of lamps inspired by the skirts of the past, while Coral is an example of suspension lamp created by a tangle of delicate branches; Fortuny Century is a floor lamp inspired by the one designed more than a century before by Mariano Fortuny y Madrazo. Fortuny lamp has celebrated its 100th anniversary, giving itself a nostalgic and evocative total white look.

Let yourself be carried away by the timeless charm and by the present lines of the amazing PALLUCCO's products.

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