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Viccarbe bench




Sistema - Viccarbe bench

The modular bench Sistema, designed by Lievore Altherr Molina, is a multifunctional piece with different modules that offer infinite combinations for welcome areas, common spaces, libraries, waiting rooms and contract projects, but as well for contemporary homes.

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  • Composition 1: W 150 x D 42 x H 41 cm
  • Composition 2: W 225 x D 92 x H 41 cm
  • Composition 3: W 225 x D 92 x H 41 cm
  • Composition 4: W 300 x D 92 x H 41 cm
  • Composition 5: W 300 x D 92 x H 41 cm
  • Composition 6: W 300 x D 92 x H 41 cm

Lievore Altherr Molina design



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Welcome to Viccarbe lounge experience. Why Viccarbe?

Because we manufacture contemporary furniture developed by the most prestigious international designers. Our collection is a worldwide reference for lounge areas. Furniture useful for of allocating to our homes but also hundreds of facilities, always polyvalent. Our collection is precise, we just manufacture what is really good. Manufacture just the right things to consume what is necessary. We are present in more than seventy countries and we only manufacture in Europe under the enviromental certification ISO 14001. Our products are appreciated in over sixty countries. We have received many important awards. Viccarbe is present in over seventy countries on five continents.

We bring the warmth and hospitality of our Mediterranean character to create lasting partnerships, and aim to provide our customers with an excellent shopping experience at Viccarbe. Whether in San Francisco and in Tokyo, our team of professionals will share their passion in providing excellent services and will introduce you to the way we understand design at Viccarbe. Viccarbe's Integrated Management System has been certified in accordance with the ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 standards.

A large part of our work at Viccarbe is devoted to the balance of our designs. By the same token, we understand that only a balanced, responsible society will lead to a sustainable future. We participate in innovative social projects to humbly contribute our two cents. One day we thought it would be a dream come true to build a piece of furniture without considering the demands of the market and without the usual competitive pressure to attain a specific target or use a particular industrial process. A creation only inspired by the passion of the designer, with no other restrictions than his/her own creativity. Viccarbe only produces specific pieces for specific people.

Our Ad Hoc chair, painstakingly handcrafted one piece at a time, was the first to join this category and can be found in prestigious interior design projects.

Welcome to Viccarbe!


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