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Pianca lamp

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Milù - Pianca lamp

By combining a knurled tubular structure, black or brass, with a rounded element of opal or transparent glass, Milù lamps fit discreetly into the space. Elegant and light, floor, table, wall and suspension versions are available, always with dimmable LED light.

Models and dimensions

  • wall lamp: Ø 16 x H 19 cm
  • table lamp: Ø 16 x H 38 cm
  • floor lamp: Ø 22 x H 179 cm
  • large pendant lamp Ø 22 x H 200 cm
  • small pendant lamp Ø 16 x H 200 cm
  • large ceiling lamp: Ø 22 x H 21 cm
  • small ceiling lamp: Ø 16 x H 19 cm

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Pianca Studio design

Additional Info

Estimated production time 6 weeks


Read more about Pianca

Pianca SpA is an important and well-known Italian industrial reality in the field of house systems and accessories, it’s characterized by an elegant and simple taste, and it’s recognized for its capacity of synthesis, continuous innovation and coherence with its history and its identity. Pianca’s roots are settled in the ancient artisan Know How to reach a technologically advanced and eclectic design, oriented to the new international markets and searching for a fair and correct value for money.

In fact, the History tells us that around 1500, the family called "da Pianca" managed a well-known carpenter's shop with a mill, fostered by a small stream near Treviso called Pianca. But it's only in 1946 that Enrico Pianca founded today's company, starting an artisan production of bedrooms. And during the '50s, thanks to the quantity of the orders, always growing, he transformed his activity from a manufacture production to a factory, investing on the capacity of its cabinet-makers and on the competences and professionalism acquired by the company. Therefore he decides to project the knowledge of its artisan masters to the futuristic world of design, including the production of the living area and creating - first of all - a new concept of living, for a home to live and not only to use.

With Aldo succeeding Enrico, his father, in the conduction of Pianca during the ‘80s, the production grows and evolves in a complete furniture system, and the distribution begins to conquer the international markets with its modern Italian style, elegant and functional. The internal design introduces a model of production flexible and sustainable, with “just in time” services, for fashion furniture systems and products on order, that guarantee multiple compound personalised possibilities, adding to wood and metal new materials, as stone.

From the ‘90s, the research of the Design Team Pianca renews with perseverance and coherence, answering to the necessities of modern life without giving up to fashions, satisfying at its best the contemporary taste, always in evolution, with a unique and original style.

Today Pianca can be proud of a sales proceed of 40 millions of euro, growing of the 100% in 10 years, and sustained by an increasing internal demand and with exports in more than 50 countries around the world. A commercial net of 60 agents in Italy and 22 agents abroad guarantees a widespread distribution, with more than 1000 shops in our peninsula and more than 500 sellers around the world. Moreover, in the 75.000 square meters of production factories in Gaiarine, in the district of Treviso, more than 250 employee are working, searching for beauty applied to functionality, to improve people’s lives.