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Sales conditions


The following general sales conditions regulate the purchase agreement of the products that you buy on the website in accordance with the current legislation on e-commerce and distance contracts. By making the purchase order, the customer declares that he/she has read and accepted automatically, unconditionally and entirely all information and general conditions of sale and payment.

The buyer can contact the seller if he/she needs for clarification. No other general or specific conditions of sale announced by the purchaser can be added or lie outside from these general conditions. The customer selects and buys the products offered online by looking the technical, informative, functional and descriptive files of each item and therefore he/she is the only responsible of the choice and the suitability of the ordered product based on his/her need.

The informative sheets of the products are provided by the manufacturing companies and therefore the seller is not responsible of errors that are attributable to inaccuracies in the printed catalogs or on the websites of manufacturers.

The photographs and videos of the products are indicative and not binding; every difference may depend on the information medium used by the client when he/she browses the site. Products are not delivered as proof.


Data of the Seller Company

  • L’Art de Vivre S.n.c. di A. Barosio D. Tagliabue & C.
  • Via Briantina angolo Via della Boschina
  • 20831 - Seregno (MB)
  • VAT: 03804390965
  • Phone and fax: +39 0362 241176
  • E-mail:



The seller reserves the right to change the price of the products which are visible on the site at any time.

The product price indicated in the order can’t be changed. The price which is set at the moment of the purchase is fixed and definitive. The prices of products listed on the site are expressed in Euro and they have to be meant as prices to the public including VAT.

With regard to purchases made by individuals in the countries within the European Union the prices include VAT, while for the passive VAT taxpayers located in another EU country (or identified therein), a not taxable invoice will be issued after verifying the regularity of the identification number (VAT number) provided.

For non- EU customers, in the case of regular exports proven by the appropriate customs documents, a not taxable invoice will be issued. The customs tax, VAT and other import taxes, must be paid by the customer in the country where the delivery is made, or, the costs of customs clearance can be paid directly to the carrier. The customer must check the possibility of importing the ordered products under the law of the country of delivery. All import’s formalities are at the expense of the customer.

UK and Ireland: for stuffed products it is necessary to ask the customer service of the seller company, if the requirements of fire resistance are compatible with the rules in force in the country.


Purchase and payment procedure

  1. Make site registration on

  2. Fill the electronic order form in all its parts. The total budget is summarized in the order form that the customer must confirm in order to conclude the contract. In case of wrong name and/or address, all the costs of recovery and return of the purchased product are at the expense of the customer.

  3. Send the order form. By sending the order form, the customer agrees to follow all terms and conditions of sale. 

  4. Execute the payment. Payment can be made in one of the following ways:

    1. by credit card
      the order is considered effective only after the approval of the bank payment centers

    2. by advance bank transfer
      50% at time of order, balance before delivery. Please note that the order is put into production only after the proof of the transfer of down payment, while fulfill of the order is performed after the proof of transfer of balance. 
      The customer can send the public accountant of the bank transfer to:

    3. by installment financing provided by Agos
      (Available only to customers who reside in Italy and if the order has to be delivered in Italy) the customer can view the tables of financing and the related interest rates and choose the type of installments; personal data are required in order to conclude the contract. The order is put into production only after the acceptance of financing from Agos.


The contract is concluded when lartdevivre - online furnishing receives the order form and the related payment or down payment.

The validation of the order constitutes an electronic signature, which has the value of a handwritten signature between the parties.

The online sales contract is concluded in Italy and governed by Italian law. In any case of litigation or notification and in the absence of an cordial agreement between the parties it is uniquely and exclusively an authority of the court of Monza.


Change and cancel the order

The customer can make changes to the order until the purchased products are put into production (it takes place immediately after payment or advance payment). However customer service is available to provide information on the progress of the order and on the possibility of possible subsequent changes. In case of non availability of a required item the seller will promptly notify the customer; the customer can decide to cancel or modify the order. In case of cancellation, the paid amount is returned.

It is never possible to cancel orders of customized products.

The billing information or the place of delivery can be modified by sending notification via e-mail before to shipment.


Delivery and installations

The seller delivers the goods both in Italy and abroad to the address specified by the customer in the order form. The goods are authorized for shipment only after the payment.

When goods are delivered, well packed, to the carrier, the seller is no longer responsible for any shipping damage or loss. One day before delivery, the carrier contacts the customer to make arrangements.

The sold products are usually transported pre-assembled; installation is often simple and it consists of assembling pieces, which are already defined, by following the installation instructions which are included.

Shipments are made by carriers which are specialized in the transportation of furniture in order to ensure the quality, the professionalism of the service and the integrity of the product. The shipping service standard is only a delivery service to street level: goods are not delivered at the ground and it is no expected the collection and the disposal of the packaging and the used or the installation of the product. The customer should collaborate on the unloading of the goods and in case of bulky and several packages it is recommended the collaboration of other persons. At the time of delivery the customer should verify the integrity of packages before signing the advice of the reception of the package.

Shipments are made with All-risk insurance with deducted deductible.

In case of absence of the customer, goods are deposited in the warehouse of the carrier and the status of stock starts. The customer should agree again with the carrier by following the rules provided in the notice of occurred passage. In case of missed collection in the period specified by the carrier, the products are returned to the seller. In this case the customer is not entitled to any refund and the costs of the return are at the expense of the customer.

Upon request and subject to the agreement of the budget, you can make the delivery on the ground. In this case the packages are unpacked and collected, moreover it is possible to make little assembling. Any additional service installation by specialized operators (full shipping service) must be previously agreed in writing.

The customer may choose to withdraw the ordered products directly from the seller's warehouse situated in Seregno (MB), Via della Boschina 3 and he/she may ask for a service of installation of the purchased products by qualified editors.


Fortuity and / or force majeure

The date of delivery should not be considered definite. When the delay is due to force majeure, the seller company is exonerated from any responsibility in case of delay of delivery. In case of fortuity and / or force majeure the execution of the order it is suspended, regardless of the stage where it is. After more than three months from the fortuity, the order is automatically canceled unless the parties reach a different agreement, without compensation. In addition to the cases of force majeure, the law considers as such also the following cases: strike of transport, telecommunications block, internal or external strike of the manufacturing, governmental, legal or regulated restrictions, computer or network failure, blackout.


Shipping cost

Shipping costs are calculated directly on the purchase form according to the place of delivery and the volume of the packaging.

In Italy, for orders over € 800,00.=, delivery with standard shipping service is free, with the exception of old town centers, if trucks’ entry is not authorized, site areas (sites under construction or about to be completed) and the smaller islands (in these cases, before proceeding with the purchase, you must request a quote).

In Switzerland, Austria, Germany, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands and Spain  the standard delivery is free for orders over € 1,200.00. =,  with the exception of old town centers, if trucks’ entry is not authorized, site areas (sites under construction or about to be completed) and the islands (in these cases, before proceeding with the purchase, you must request a quote).

The costs of shipping outside the European Union do not include duty and customs costs, which may be required by the carrier at the time of delivery of goods or paid directly by the customer in the country of delivery.

For shipments in the rest of the World, we will formulate for a quote.


Delivery time

Delivery times vary from 2 to 8 weeks depending on the requested article and to the timetable of production and management, which are estimated by manufacturers. At the time of production must be added the shipping times that may vary depending on the destination.

The estimated date of delivery of the order is communicated via e-mail and the customer service is always available to provide information on the progress of the order. It is important to note that around Christmas and during the summer break of August there could be delays in production and delivery.


Right of withdrawal

The customer has the right to terminate the contract and return the ordered products, without penalty and without giving any reason, by 14 (fourteen) days from delivery.

This right must be exercised, on pain of to forfeiture, by sending a registered mail to the address of the seller or by sending a written communication by fax or e-mail as long as it is confirmed by a registered mail within 48 (forty eight) hours. The consumer may not exercise the right of withdrawal if he buys "custom-cut or clearly personalized goods" (Art. 59 I clause Lett. C, D and E of the Codice del Consumo) and "products which are not prefabricated depending on an individual choice of the consumer "(Directive 2011/83/EU of the European Parliament).

The products you can see on site are realized and custom with the finishes and materials required by the buyer.

The right of withdrawal can be exercised by the buyer only with permission of lartdevivre - online furnishing. All the products that you intend to return must be returned in a state that they can be sold again; they have to be undamaged, without any signs of wear and stored in its original packaging.

Therefore they shall not have been damaged and to be perfectly clean. They must also be accompanied by all possible accessories such as instructions for use and maintenance, documentation and attachments.
Return fees will be borne by the customer.

The seller undertakes to return the amount paid within 30 days from the receipt of communication of withdrawal. In the case of purchase through financing, the customer must promptly communicate to Agos that he has joined the right of withdrawal in order to cancel the practice of financing. It is the responsibility of the seller to reimburse the amount paid directly to Agos.


Return of faulty or damaged goods or replacement

At the time of delivery and before signing the alert of receipt of the package, the customer must check:

  • that the number of packages corresponds to the one which is indicated on the invoice;
  • that the packages are intact, not wet or damaged (in this case the client must check the contents of the package)

If packaging is not intact and / or damaged, the customer can decide not to accept the package or indicate on the delivery note his/her terms, which must be detailed and dated. If the customer does not report any terms on the delivery note, he/she cannot demand any damage and/or missing items due to the transport.

The customer must promptly and in writing communicate the problem spotted during delivery to the customer service of the seller. In case of replacement goods must be rendered well packed and in their original packaging with the delivery notes. After the seller has received the package, he verifies the integrity and proceed with the preparation of an estimate for the remedial action, if the merchandise is not under warranty, or replacement.


Guarantee and technical support

The seller ensures the best possible care in the interest of the client and in accordance with the applicable norms concerning Warranty Rights (Consumer Code).

All products have 24 months warranty on the lack of conformity from the date of sale which is indicated on the invoice; for products which are invoiced to companies or individuals with a VAT guarantee is 12 months.

Outlet products, which are used during exhibitions, photo shoots and showroom of the manufacturer, does not have 24 months warranty because they are considered "well used" and by law warranty is 12 months.

The products must be used properly and have adequate maintenance. It is a customer’s responsibility to ask the seller how to use and maintain the products if those indicated in the note which accompanies the product are not sufficiently explanatory and comprehensive.

In case of breakage of a product in escrow, it is a client’s responsibility to properly pack the product, or the faulty or damaged part, in the original packaging and to incur the costs of transport. The duration of replacement are usually the same as those of production as it is a work on commission basis.

Repair and reship costs are paid by the seller.

Everything related to the purchase of household electrical appliances, warranty is provided by the manufacturer through its customer service both in Italy and abroad.


Use of personal data

The seller guarantees the protection of privacy. The seller is the owner of personal data which are collected when you register to the site, and all those which are communicated subsequently, in order to process and manage orders. The personal data of the buyer, conferred on the occasion of the contract, are entered into a database owned by the selling company and are used solely for administrative purpose and legal obligations.

The data collected for the payment are administered directly by banks or holding company. No collected data is communicated to third parties unless it is required by law obligations or to accomplish the required service or provision.


Online dispute resolution platform (ODR) 

In compliance to the art. 14 of Regulation (UE)  No. 524/2013 and ODR Resolution of Statutory Instrument No. 500/2015 active since 15th of February 2016, an online dispute resolution platform (ODR) is available for online purchases at the following link:

Further informations can be found at: