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Gaber bookcase




Display - Gaber bookcase

Display wall or floor fixed storage shelving can enhance your most ambitious projects.
Available with a black, gold or white matt painted steel frame, without any visible welds, Display is set off with solid Fenix laminate shelves.

Display is a modular piece, which can support up to 4 shelves and lends itself to completing and finely decorating walls and corners of your commercial spaces.
For correct use, the structure must be fixed to the wall or floor.


  • W 140 x D 55 x H 185 cm (shelf: W 140 x D 39,5 x H 2,5 cm)


Forsix Design

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Gaber is the result of the melting of some experiences developed in various activities, ranging from the conception, the design, the creation and the production of elements made with a variety of materials such as plastic, metal, wood and upholstery. Gaber proposes a collection of chairs, stools, tables and design furniture, rich in quality and original style.

Thanks to the ability to use the most advanced technologies of the sector, the company has a fresh and elegant style. The continuous search for innovative and functional solutions has always been a prerogative of our products, and the ability to produce quality and design products demonstrates the great knowledge and mastery that characterizes the working team.

The company offers a wide range of products able to meet the needs of different realities: from interior furnishing for houses and offices, to lounge bar, gardens and waiting rooms furnitures. This shows the great creative power, the professionalism and flexibility that permeate the company's productions.

Gaber's creations are the result of the passion and research in the field of interior and outdoor design; the knowledge of materials and the study of a personal style take shape in the concept of design, durability and comfort that allow the company to anticipate the needs of the market.

Furthermore, since Gaber follows its products from the design to the creation of the equipment, the production of the piece, until its assembly, the final result answers to clear functional and aesthetic requirements.


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