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Dipping Light pendant

Marset lamp




Dipping Light pendant - Marset lamp

The history of the Dipping Light has only just begun. Marset wasn’t willing to settle for just the two table lamp sizes it has come in so far. Its most poetic light expands its uses and is now offered as a portable lamp, suspension lamp, wall lamp and a new table lamp size –ø20 cm– to bridge the gap between the small and large sizes. The colors are the same, with an expanded model line-up.
The new suspension Dipping Light gets rid of everything to keep only the essential, with color taking centre stage. When using several lamps to make a composition, the visual effect is mesmerising. This new version comes in three sizes, with 12.5, 20 and 30 cm diameters.

Hand-blown glass lamp in glossy white with different layers of paint. The wall versions have a metal support that holds up the diffuser.

Models and dimensions

  • Dipping light 13: Ø 13,5 cm
  • Dipping light 20: Ø 20 cm
  • Dipping light 30: Ø 30 cm 

Light Source

  • Dipping Light 13: LED SMD 6W 350mA 2700K CRI90 203 lm - bulb included - dimmable  
  • Dipping Light 20: LED SMD 6W 350mA 2700K CRI90 231 lm- bulb included - dimmable  
  • Dipping Light 13: LED SMD 11,5W 700mA 2700K CRI90 379 lm - bulb included - dimmable  

With the Cluster accessory, available on request, it is possible to connect several pendant lamps in a single light point, offering absolute freedom of composition, even for larger spaces.
Contact us to develop a custom composition!

Jordi Canudas design


Read more about Marset

Marset is a Spanish company, which produces lamps and lighting accessories. The Marset Family started its adventure in 1942, by opening a foundry where various hot-stamped metal objects were produced. In 1965, Francisco Marset founded Marset Illuminacion, dedicated solely to lamp production. Taking care of the light is the beating heart of Marset lighting. Marset’s inspiration was clear since the very beginning: producing design lighting items, by cooperating with the best professionals of the time. This vision is still pursued to this day; Marset has produced the fantastic projects of Lluís Porqueras, Christophe Mathieu, Inma Bermúdez, Xavier Mañosa and many other renowned designers, much appreciated in the industrial design world. Started off as a simple foundry for metal objects, Marset has become a versatile company, producing lamps made of different materials, from modern plastic resins, to metal or glass. Some of Marset’s most famous pieces are exhibited in design museums all over the worlds, thanks to their innovation-driven passion, which has remained the same over the years.

Their projects are beautiful to look at, functional and ergonomic, and follow the latest trend of major design companies: designers conceive pleasant-looking, functional and versatile products, which can be used and cherished by clients all over the world.

Marset’s mission is to promote new ideas, discoveries and innovations, taking their clients on a special journey to discover ever-changing shapes and materials.

Most of Marset’s lighting products are simple, yet manufactured with excellent technical accuracy, searching for flexible shapes suitable to any kind of furnishing.

The oldest projects are often rediscovered and reinvented, in order to always keep them up-to-date.

All of Marset’s objects embody decades of industrial production knowledge, translated into an accurate creation of every single piece, complete flexibility and safety in use.

Design is what sets us apart at Marset, and that’s where Marset vocation for good design was born: to make a product with the utmost rigor and innovation that generates a beautiful light and that can surprise, thrill and endure, contributing to a more sustainable world.

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