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Arrital kitchen - Vintage Collection




Arrital kitchen- Vintage Collection

Ash decapé in different colours for this stunning kitchen rich in coordinated accessories.
The model is now available with a modern twist in Bianco Calce and Grigio.

The main feature is the door with frame in solid ash wood, combined with elements that personalise the Village proposal.
The subtle double incision on the louvre door, also available in a smooth version, the possibility to complete the composition with panelling, frames or finishing side panels of noticeable thickness,
all available in 7 colours on frassino laccato and 7 colours on frassino decapè, offering the kitchen a touch of timeless charm.

The vast modularity of Village, just like all Arrital collections, allows maximum personalisation of accessories, colours, worktops and storage spaces through careful design, adapting the system to suit any area,
regardless of its style.

Further opportunities for the personalisation of Village projects can be found in the different types of available handles or various top finishes,
for example in Vintage stainless steel for the work area, where the sink and hob are incorporated into a single surface. In particular, the steel treatment offers an appealing “worn” look,
sitting well with country and design styles alike.

Door type: 

  • Smooth wooden door
  • Plank wooden door

Door finishes:

  • Lacquered ash wood - Bianco calce
  • Lacquered ash wood - Avena
  • Lacquered ash wood - Segale
  • Lacquered ash wood - Arena
  • Lacquered ash wood - Grigio fine
  • Lacquered ash wood - Grigio
  • Lacquered ash wood -  Rosmarino


  • Decapè ash wood - Bianco calce
  • Decapè ash wood - Avena
  • Decapè ash wood - Segale
  • Decapè ash wood - Arena
  • Decapè ash wood - Grigio fine
  • Decapè ash wood - Grigio
  • Decapè ash wood -  Rosmarino


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The kitchen is not just a place where you eat food. It is a space where your rituals unfold. The ritual of living. It is K (itchen) Culture.

A project designed to welcome taste experiences as well as emotions and beauty. High class. Exclusive. The culture of a space designed to be a place of intimacy as well as a place for convivial gatherings. 

 Arrital is also K(itchen) Future, the new and exclusive service with which Arrital guarantees assistance to the kitchen for 10 years, offering a whole range of performance relating to the product or to your home. A relationship does not end upon purchase, but continues through the years with the support, dialogue, confrontation.


Arrital vintage kitchens are first of all the very idea of the kitchen. Strength, precision, functionality and intelligent performances. It’s an idea of materials, colours, shapes and design. An idea of performance as much as style, to make everyday life easier and harmonious. The warm finishes of wooden kitchens, the care for details and the choice of materials to enhance the thicknesses, lines and volumes. Every Arrital proposal is a clear traditional statement satisfying the widest and most demanding requirements thanks to its versatile modules and impressive offer of colours, finishes and accessories. An outstanding offer to minimise the spaces usually not taken advantage of.


Read more about Arrital

Design kitchens since 1979 - Constant technology research as the secret for our kitchen solutions Arrital S.p.a. has produced design kitchens in Fontanafredda (Pordenone) since 1979. Since then it invests in human resources, technology and production processes to offer innovative solutions for the kitchen. It debuts with the production of modular kitchens immediately appreciated for their attention to details and the quality of the materials chosen. As early as the late 80s it approaches the international markets and soon becomes synonym of reliability.

In 2013 the company purchases Altamarea, a mid to high-end brand in the bathroom industry, in order to create a "home system" made of consistent and related environments, optimising the productive, logistical and commercial resources. Arrital reaches today its clients in over 30 countries worldwide and can count on its 170 employees and some 55 thousand sqm facility over an area of over 115 thousand sqm.

Passion for quality and innovation has always marked Arrital path and led to sustainable choices in its relations with the environment. An example of this is the photovoltaic installation which makes it almost autonomous.

Arrital is among the few brands in Italy to have been granted the 100% Made in Italy production Certificate following a strict examination of its production facilities. The Certificate, issued by the Institute for the Protection of Italian Producers allows the company to guarantee for the Italian origin and quality of its kitchens as well as for Altamarea bathrooms.

Arrital lives up to the requirements of the Made in Italy products such as the production on the Italian soil, the first choice materials used, the manufacturing capacities and the production of models exclusive to the brand.

In line with the transparency of Arrital products chosen by the company, the Certificate makes it possible for the goods to be traceable once they have been purchased. A code on each item gives information about the brand. Quality management is not an obligation set by a rule, it's the choice of a way to act, of a company approach which intends to put the client and his/her satisfaction at the heart of the activity. The certificates proving the company quality are expression of well planned investments, of brand policy aiming at improving its performance.


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