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Giusti Portos kitchen

Giusti Portos



Medea - Giusti Portos kitchen

The recipe of the excellence

Classical and decorative kitchen for an elegant and exclusive living ambience.
The overall look of the collection is linear and understated. The sobriety of the design can be spiced up, however, with finely crafted decorative handles, a wide range of finishes and the application of gold and silver leaf.
The Maison Giusti Portos kitchen therefore offers many customization options, including the possibility 
of adding furnishings and accessories from the rest of the company's product line.

Door type:

  • Wood door - door with wood internal panel
  • Mirror door - door with mirror internal panel
  • Glass door - door with glass internal panel
  • Two doors with wood internal panel, vertical cut
  • Two doors with mirror internal panel, vertical cut

Structure finish:

  • Structure in EO class, ice melamine finish
  • Structure in EO class, graphite oak melamine finish

Door finish:


  • A03 avorio caldo 
  • A05 moon 
  • A21 burro laccato lucido
  • A22 dune


  • B22 cameo craquelet
  • B27 avorio craquelet
  • B34 bianco craquelet
  • B40 ebano
  • B52 neve
  • B93 avorio ceramizzato
  • B57 cameo
  • B94 grigio fumo
  • B65 greige
  • B70 nocciola dorato

Mirror and glass finish:

  • S01 specchio naturale
  • S04 specchio bronzo
  • V01 vetro naturale
  • V02 vetro bronzo

The door can be personalized with a decorative trim. Trim finish:

  • C40 foglia argento
  • C46 foglia argento tortora
  • C47 foglia argento champagne
  • C56 foglia oro tortora
  • C50 foglia oro
  • C67 foglia argento ossido rosato

Available handles (large - medium - small)

  • Hera model
  • Epoque model
  • Suite model

 Handles are available with the same finish of the doors.

Handles gilt finishes:

  • c40 foglia argento 
  • C46 foglia argento tortora
  • C47 foglia argento champagne
  • C56 foglia oro tortora
  • C50 foglia oro
  • C67 foglia argento ossido rosato

Handles gilt finishes except Hera handle:

  • G01 cromo satinato
  • G02 canna di fucile

Handles are decorative only. Opening system of base units and tall units are with push pull and opening drawers systems are with tip matic.

Binding handles:

  • Invisible handle - some units are available with an invisible handle. This units are: corner units, dishwasher, door, pull out sink units.
  • Prehensile handle - some units are available with a real open handle. This units are: refrigerator and pull out tall units. It's possible add this kind of handles in other units if necessary.

Classical environments to be looked at, to be desired....when elegance dresses your home.

Please contact us for customized solution.
Our interior designer are always on your disposal to give you ideas and suggestions to help you furnishing your kitchen with style.


Read more about Giusti Portos

Every time that Portos saw a Vespa going by, he thought: is there a soul in that metal? We are in Pontedera, in Tuscany in the 1950s: Portos was employed at Piaggio, chosen among the many candidates by expert engineers who saw that he had the right talents. The Vespa got Italy on the move, and Portos' hands contributed in bringing to life the most famous scooter in the world. Then came the 1960s, the boom years, and during the general ferment Portos decided to leave Piaggio and start a business with some friends, creating an artisans' workshop making brass objects and accessories for furniture companies.
Then one day he accepted the challenge that would have changed his life: making a custom-made bed. The project was too complicated for his partners; they thought it was not worth wasting time on it, then Portos decided to continue on his way alone. When the bed was finished, he had the great pleasure of putting his signature on it: Giusti Portos.
The Tuscan surname and the romantic name came together to create a unique and recognisable trademark. This was the beginning of a workshop specialised in creating hand-crafted beauty
using iron and fire. At his side to help him and live with him this new adventure there was the fourteen-year-old son of a blacksmith friend, who is today the master forger of Giusti Portos.
Giusti Portos' skilled craftsmanship quickly started to become appreciated and recognised, first of all at local fairs, then at increasingly important events, until it gained national fame, supported by a solid sales network.

The story of Giusti Portos goes on. Today the company is run by Portos' son Marco, while the founder is still there, keeping a fatherly eye on the work and on the style that he created and to whom he gave his own name: Giusti Portos.The first workshop was a small shop where the iron was heated by the fire in the forge and hand-wrought by Portos.
The forge of a true master craftsman which today has become a company which carries out all the production phases itself, never making mass-produced items.
And the spirit has remained the same as at the very beginning: there is still the pleasure of being able to follow every piece from the start to the end of the production like a handcrafted not an industrial product, to see the devotion in paying more attention to the details than to the quantity, the pride in offering only unique items, each one different because it is handmade, using the ancient art of forging iron. Today Giusti Portos' production has expanded: alongside the forged beds there are now iron, brass and wooden beds, and a line of accessories, creating a collection with the classic taste of a growing and blossoming tradition.


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