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AK_07 - Arrital kitchen

With the new Ak_07 kitchen system, Arrital reinterprets the design of the framed door in a contemporary language that reflects the company's tailoring approach; a range completion that allows reaching the most sophisticated areas of taste through a wide design vocabulary and a variety of materials and finishes.

Declined in six settings that enhance its refined and international style, Ak_07 has been designed to meet different areas of taste, from the country cottage to the urban loft, offering various design elements that guarantee maximum functionality and full optimization of spaces.

Ak_07 is available in Brushed Chestnut in four shades - Fjord, Royal, Luxor and Wild - and in 20 Sand lacquered colors.
The thin-frame frame made of solid wood is equipped with a practical integrated handle whose grip is facilitated by the rounded surface, a distinctive feature of the entire kitchen. The four strips that frame the door show the signs of the interlocking joints, a distinctive feature of solid wood.

Design Arch. Franco Driusso

Endless possibilities for a tailor-made, irresistibly smart kitchen

Ak_07 is the new chapter of Arrital's design path, which reinterprets the design of the framed door with wisdom and originality in a contemporary language and is declined in six settings that enhance its refined and international style.
The main feature is the innovative design of the door with a frame profile and the beveled surface processing.

To ensure maximum functionality and full optimization of spaces, the Ak_07 collection is also enriched by numerous new accessories and complements, including the MOVE sliding top which, with a simple horizontal movement, increases the work surface and allows you to hide or make accessible sink and / or hob.
The double-level counter is also very functional, with the possibility of placing various kitchen items on the lower level housed inside the practical Basket basket made of non-toxic technical fabric.
Also interesting are the removable terminal base with side open compartment, which through a single opening reveals two practical storage compartments, and the AkB_Case dividing element that guarantees a protective division between the hob and the worktop, also becoming a convenient container. for kitchen utensils.

The novelty is completed by the extension of the finishes available to customize the tall units with recessed doors - equipped with integrated lighting and dedicated accessories, enclosing the Cooking, Washing, Preparation and Pantry operational areas - and the Lympha pendant lamp, which can be customized with the kitchen finishes. Arrital is equipped with a double lighting function: punctual light on the worktop and ceiling diffusion lighting.

Door type:

The distinctive element of AK_07 is the frame door with a thin frame made of solid wood and equipped with a practical integrated handle whose grip is facilitated by the rounded surface. The four strips that frame the door show the signs of the interlocking joints, a fundamental feature of solid wood.

Door finishes:

Sand lacquered

  • Sand lacquered - color range + RAL

Brushed chestnut

  • Brushed chestnut - Fjord
  • Brushed chestnut - Royal
  • Brushed chestnut - Luxor
  • Brushed chestnut - Wild

Structure finish:

  • White
  • Cloud
  • Graphite

Pvc plinth finishes (H 8-10 cm):

  • Aluminum
  • Melamine Wall
  • Oak

Plinth finishes (H 6-8-10 cm):

  • White lacquered
  • Anodized Satin
  • Anodized Champagne
  • Anodized Burnished
  • Steel
  • Melamine Wall
  • Oak
  • Sand lacquered (selected colours + RAL) 
  • Glossy lacquered (selected colours + RAL)
  • Oxidized lacquered
  • Soft-touch lacquered
  • Metal lacquered

Contact us for a customized solution. 
Our interior designer are always on your disposal to give you ideas and suggestions to help you furnishing your kitchen with style.

The kitchen is not just a place where you eat food. It is a space where your rituals unfold. The ritual of living. It is K (itchen) Culture.

A project designed to welcome taste experiences as well as emotions and beauty. High class. Exclusive. The culture of a space designed to be a place of intimacy as well as a place for convivial gatherings.

Arrital is also K(itchen) Future, the new and exclusive service with which Arrital guarantees assistance to the kitchen for 10 years, offering a whole range of performance relating to the product or to your home. A relationship does not end upon purchase, but continues through the years with the support, dialogue, confrontation.

In Arrital the idea behind a modern kitchen builds up with its modules, in the dialogue between large surfaces and containing elements, in the balance between innovative materials and finishes that like to surprise. Arrital modern kitchens are the outcome of an instinct to look for constant evolution and a new form of design, elegant, pleasant but always attentive to functionality and ergonomics. Sinuous lines or straight determined ones, delicate mix of lights or bright lacquered colours, changing shapes or pure volumes design the new living space. A modern space by the intense personality able to satisfy the aesthetic needs of the most demanding. Modules by the wide range of colours, finishes, materials and accessories let you personalize each and every kitchen.


Read more about Arrital

Design kitchens since 1979 - Constant technology research as the secret for our kitchen solutions Arrital S.p.a. has produced design kitchens in Fontanafredda (Pordenone) since 1979. Since then it invests in human resources, technology and production processes to offer innovative solutions for the kitchen. It debuts with the production of modular kitchens immediately appreciated for their attention to details and the quality of the materials chosen. As early as the late 80s it approaches the international markets and soon becomes synonym of reliability.

In 2013 the company purchases Altamarea, a mid to high-end brand in the bathroom industry, in order to create a "home system" made of consistent and related environments, optimising the productive, logistical and commercial resources. Arrital reaches today its clients in over 30 countries worldwide and can count on its 170 employees and some 55 thousand sqm facility over an area of over 115 thousand sqm.

Passion for quality and innovation has always marked Arrital path and led to sustainable choices in its relations with the environment. An example of this is the photovoltaic installation which makes it almost autonomous.

Arrital is among the few brands in Italy to have been granted the 100% Made in Italy production Certificate following a strict examination of its production facilities. The Certificate, issued by the Institute for the Protection of Italian Producers allows the company to guarantee for the Italian origin and quality of its kitchens as well as for Altamarea bathrooms.

Arrital lives up to the requirements of the Made in Italy products such as the production on the Italian soil, the first choice materials used, the manufacturing capacities and the production of models exclusive to the brand.

In line with the transparency of Arrital products chosen by the company, the Certificate makes it possible for the goods to be traceable once they have been purchased. A code on each item gives information about the brand. Quality management is not an obligation set by a rule, it's the choice of a way to act, of a company approach which intends to put the client and his/her satisfaction at the heart of the activity. The certificates proving the company quality are expression of well planned investments, of brand policy aiming at improving its performance.


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