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Key West 4220/4221/4222

Roberti table

Roberti Rattan



Hamptons Graphics - Roberti table

The Key West collection offers  unlimited  solutions of outdoor furniture, creating different meeting points, indipendent each other or connected with the beam, to furnish with outdoor armchairs, outdoor sofas, outdoor chaiselongues and sunbeds all patio and pool areas.

Table witu structure in metal.


  • W 110 x D 220 x H 73 cm
  • W 110 x D 260 x H 73
  • W 110 x D 300 x H 73 cm


  • HPL white stone
  • HPL grey stone


Key West, sleekness of shapes.

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Read more about Roberti Rattan

More than fifty years have been commited to the task, studying, testing and developing new collections different each other, but all joined together by the same creativity. The key to success is simple and complex at the same time: tradition memories and an expert knowledge of materials and production process, a great enthusiasm and curiosity for new concepts, a deep passion for design and elegance and finally a strong determination to give concrete form to all this in very nice outdoor furniture collections.

The Company was founded in 1959 by Renato Roberti who started a handicraft production of high quality rattan and wicker furniture for indoor and outdoor, patio, terrace and conservatory. The concept of a furniture range for the in-outdoor area (this part of the living areas that from inside goes outside in the outdoor space) was already part of the Roberti's vision since the beginning. Thousands of original models, with a contemporary design and a skilfull processing have been created in the long period till end of '90ties.

The cooperation with famous Designers gave rise to many successful models leading the Company to achieve a high reputation worldwide.

The early years of the new century brought a wave of new styles and trends; Roberti promptly recognized them and translated these new signals into new, different collections always keeping its peculiar touch. The outdoor furnishing finds many new ideas and materials to offer new solutions for the outdoor space, the pool area, patio and garden.

The Greenfield collection, started in 2004, marks the beginning of this new concept : the outdoor garden furnishing is integrating with the indoor space.

The outdoor patio furniture can't be anymore a simple accessory as in the past; it must have all signs of aesthetical value, comfort and quality as the indoor furniture and, much more it must withstand the inclemency of the weather. Roberti took up the challenge and continues to create and produce beautiful collections keeping the spirit of its original vision. During the last ten years an increasing education to self-care leant to a constant development of the care-and-wellness centres and spa, worldwide. Roberti designed and produced sunbeds, chaiselongues and armchairs offering high comfort and functionalty specifically for the wellness area. The mission is, all the time, to disclose an elegant Italian style combined with a high skillfulness, worldwide.

Furnishing the living areas devoted to relaxation, conviviality and self-care is still the reason for research and creation of ideas and new collections.


acquista Key West 4220/4221/4222 Roberti table

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