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Creazioni classic pouf




Otto - Creazioni classic pouf

Otto is a pouf designed by Creazioni. Thanks to its elegant lines and wooden feet, Otto is perfect for every environment. It is possible to have it with leather cover or in fabric of three different categories.
Available in different finishes. 


  • ø 54 x H seat 50 cm

Structure finishes:

  • Category I - matt lacquered
  • Category II - shiny lacquered

Fabric finishes

  • Fabric cat. C
  • Fabric cat. E
  • Leather

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Even in its name "Creazioni", this brand expresses its goal of revitalizing the styles of the past by representing them in a new light, which enhances the level of elegance, but at the same time retains its authority. This is the stylistic feature of a brand which stems from the desire to follow a new path and proposes a sort of "new way to dress up" with lively colors, unusual materials, and interesting finishes.

All the furniture has one common denominator: a spirit that is evident in the details and harmony and a willingness to play. The new lines of furniture are indeed creations of interior design, dramatic and visual emotions that are in line with the variety of tastes and cultures that characterize contemporary life. The unusual shapes, the contrasts of bright colors, and the bold combinations of materials are always governed by the highest craftsmanship to create a kaleidoscope of styles and atmospheres that reinvent the space with creativity and irony, offering not just the revisited furniture of the past, but also contemporary design pieces.

No limit is given to fantasy: furniture pieces are elevated into living works of art where color and form take precedence over the style of any design concept and become touch of personality even in the most contemporary settings.



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