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Desalto mirror




Quartz - Desalto mirror

The shape and the combination of several mirrors can amplify this game exponentially, transforming a part into a three-dimensional place, always different.

The mirror is capable of engulfing and restoring everything around it, giving us the pleasure of double.

Composition of several mirrors (4 shapes) 5 mm thick with 30 mm bevel.


Single elements

  • mirror A: W 61 x 53 cm
  • mirror B: W 90 x 62 cm
  • mirror C: W 160 x 81 cm
  • mirror D: W 117 x 89 cm 

Composition examples

  • comp. 1: W 121 x 89 cm
  • comp. 2: W 171 x 149 cm
  • comp. 3: W 265 x 175 cm

Consult the attachments section to view the product's technical data sheet and available finishes.

Arik Levy design

Additional Info

Estimated production time
8 weeks


Read more about Desalto

From the 1950s to the present day the activities of Desalto have always been seamlessly part of the productive tradition of Brianza, an exceptional area in which the masters of Italian design and of the "Made in Italy" have found a breeding ground in a determined, passionate enterprise culture.

Desalto's founders are among those manufacturers who have contributed to the spreading of an idea of products based on an inexhaustible technical and technological research, at the service of a greater functionality throughout the world. The company employs avant-garde technologies such as a structural steel laser cutting plant, robotic welding and painting, and the clever amalgamation of different materials, valuing the intrinsic qualities of metal, glass, wood and plastics.

Always sensitive to the environmental sustainability of the entire production process, Desalto boasts an exemplary water cycle in the galvanic plant that is used, recycled and finally purified, respecting the most stringent regulations. The new photovoltaic plant composed of 1730 solar panels is active since 2011. The generated energy is enough to fully meet the company's requirements, creating a virtuous circle that places Desalto among the most attentive companies, committed to sustainable practices.


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