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Hide&Seek - Wewood mirror

A freestanding rectangular mirror, with a solid wood frame and a power coated steel structure, designed to integrate new features.
A multi-functional piece designed especially for sleeping area. It's steel structure stands the rectangular wooden mirror frame, and at the same time hide and evolves in the back new functions like hanging coats, storage shoes and small personal belongings.

Hide&Seek is a singular piece that complete with elegance the look of the living space.


  • W 49,7 x D 55 x H 183,5 cm

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Wewood is a Portuguese brand founded in 2010, as the result of Research and Development Office of Mòveis Carlos Alfredo, a company specialized in manufacturing and exporting solid wood furniture since 1964.

Each Wewood's piece is born from the inspiration and creativity of the most talented designers and architects, turned into reality by the hands, wisdom and experience of the skilled craftspeople that combine noble materials, traditional joinery, handcraft and advanced technology.

Wewood wants to contribuite to the modern design, creating distinctive products that combine functionality, joinery, innovation, design and beauty. With the creation of solid wood furniture that combines craftsmanship know-how with high technology, Wewood can offer a natural and certified product that matches the highest demands of the premium market, in level of quality, longevity and environmental responsibility.

Wewood believes in elevating the high-end joinery by producing superb solid furniture that promotes Portuguese culture and design.


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