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Memedesign basket pot plants




Ettore - Memedesign basket pot plants

This basket pot plants with its fine and discreet elegance, gives each environment an informal and welcoming atmosphere both in indoor and outdoor spaces. The colors are decisive for this feeling: warm and intense purple or the most relaxing double color blue and hemp.

Ettore is produced with a new patented Italian polyolefin fiber useful for indoor and outdoor use with the following characteristics: 100% non-toxic in accordance with European and American legislation, resistant to fungus, bacteria, sunlight, chlorine, food stains and sweat like no other synthetic or natural fiber;
the fabric has 100 class 1 Oeko-Tex certificate; appropriate for hospital, contract, residential, nautical, spa, catering sectors as it is thermo regulating and transpiring; it is the lightest fiber, the only one that floats, resists years of washing, does not absorb any kind of dirt or odour, washing only requires a 40° cycle and small quantity of detergent, does not require ironing and dries in 5 minutes.

The product color is garanteed for over 10 years in any condition of use; environmentally friendly; require low energy for the cleaning cycle, long lasting, easy to use and 100% recyclable: it is the best solution for every enviroment.


  • ø 50 x H 50 cm

Memedesign design


Read more about Memedesign

Memedesign s.r.l. is a young and dynamic based in the pleasant town of Rimini and producing trendy, useful and never banal interior design objects and furnishings.
It is a typical Italian family company. Cinzia Olivieri is the owner of the company and also the artistic director.
The brand Memedesign was born in 2012 in an unusual way. The firs idea was given by Sartini Michele, young partner of the company with a strong attitude for innovation. In a short period of time the idea became reality:
producing objects with a propositive and contemporary design that can be used in several housing spaces
giving a higher value of the iron sheet through soft, round and sinuous shapes
enhancing the value of the color.

Meme’s name comes from Memetic , the modern science that studies “memes “ the unit of measurement of the ideas in the society.
Already in the name, you can find the mission Every Meme product must therefore meets the following requirements:
creative and versatile design
round and sinuous shapes
possibility to be placed in several housing areas
excellent made in Italy quality
easy to handle and mount

Production, planning and property are completely made in Italy, to spread the true culture of the Italian design, made of love, passion, competence and professionalism.
Attention to detail and to finishes, every single product is checked one by one is a sure guarantee of true Made in Italy.

In 2016 the range of Memedesign products became bigger and in 2017 the first rugs were added to the collection.
With the same colors as the metal products, rugs are a coordinated proposal that enhances the creativity of the entire production.

In a second moment other types of rugs were introduced to meet the requirements even of “Millenials” people.

Since 2018 the outdoor products, even made of fabrics, have been added to the collection. Coffee tables, poufs, armchairs characterized by soft shapes became the protagonists of gardens and swimming pools by a joyful spirit.

In 2019 Memedesign become an artisan company purchasing an old factory that is now the new head quarter of the company in Via Marecchiese 300 in Rimini.

Several interior designers and architects use Memedesign products or ask for customizations for their contract projects regarding hotels, offices, residences.
Among its most renowned projects Meme includes the Dubai Sheraton Hotel Mall of Emirates beauty farm. New projects are constantly evolving.

Attention to customers’ requests, sensitivity and availability are the main qualities of Memedesign customer service.

Meme also wants to give space and voice to young and talented designers who can satisfy of a young, trendy, nomadic and multicultural customer.


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