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Twils bed




De-Light - Twils bed

Design Collection - new icons of style

This generously proportioned bed with its over-sized headboard looks like a large parenthesis protruding from the sides of the bedstead and defining the space for your comfort.
The slight angle, accentuated by the large visible horizontal stitching, gives it weight and character. 
Thanks to the design with its minimal yet defined lines, this bed is bound to become the undisputed focal point of the bedroom.

The visual impact changes when you change the height of the bedstead, available in 15 and 25 cm.
 As with all Twils beds, customers can choose the upholstery fabric from an extensive range, adding another facet to De-light’s personality.


  • W 235 x D 228 x H 124 cm (base 200x200 cm)
  • W 235 x D 228 x H 124 cm (base 193x203 cm)
  • W 215 x D 228 x H 124 cm (base 180x200 cm)
  • W 197 x D 228 x H 124 cm (base 170x200 cm)
  • W 197 x D 228 x H 124 cm (base 160x200 cm)
  • W 197 x D 228 x H 121 cm (base 153x203 cm)


  • With bedframe H 15 cm, Orthopedic flat bed base with metal structure, without storage box - conical inclined feet H 17 cm, graphite finish.
  • With bedframe H 25 cm, Orthopedic flat bed base with metal structure, without storage box - round inclined feet H 10 cm, nacre finish.
  • With bedframe H 25 cm, Ortopedic Plus bed base and storage box - round inclined feet H 10 cm, nacre finish.

Consult the attachments section to view the summary of textile upholsteries, product technical features and storage box features.
Consult the accessories section to view the proposed mattresses and to know about the Twils furnishing accessories collection, to complete the bedroom.


Ludovica + Roberto Palomba design with Matteo Bollati and Stefano Contini design

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Read more about Twils

From dreams to creations Twils, the innovator for the art of relaxation.
During its twenty years in the field of innovating upholstered bed designs, from season to season, Twils has evolved from the know how.
Based in the most competitive furniture markets in the world, Twils has for sure made its trade mark. Twils have achieved the level of recognition, from the production capacity and the extraordinary quality. This shows that new dreams can be born and design evolution is always expanding. Enthusiasm, competence, creativity and research are part of the Twils trademark.
The word Twils is composed by the names of Tiziano, Wilma, Luisella and Simone Carnieletto. This represents the collaboration and personal commitment from a family of entrepreneurs that promises to guarantee competitive, high-quality products to the customer. From design to value Characters, life-styles, cultures, traditions... every Twils design has its market, its needs, its dreams, its potentialities behind it. Every Twils model is built in order to offer wellness, sturdiness, ergonomics, and convenience to the people that chose the refined beauty of an upholstered bed for their bedrooms.

Twils gives a twist of personality, realism and passion to contemporary stylishness. For us the value of a design also lies in its ability to express current trends and create new style icons. A large and varied collection of beds that all have one thing in common: good looks that go hand in hand with functionality. The models of today will become the classics of tomorrow.

Serenity, harmony, distinction. A sentimental alchemy of past and present with no hint of nostalgia, but simply painstaking attention paid to details and balanced proportions.
The result is an orderly yet eclectic elegance, which is at home both in formal surroundings and in contemporary environments, ready for those who love creating contrasts of style with surprising combinations.

A vast assortment of models, variations, sizes and functions.
Life is ever changing: the family grows up, needs change and is the space ever enough?
You can always find a creative and versatile solution in the Twils range that can be customised to satisfy the specific needs of each individual. What's more, it becomes child's play to add space and colour with an innovative modular system like Vision.



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