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Twils Lounge

Twils Lounge collections give shape to a unique lifestyle, materials, shapes and colors to create a timeless style, always up-to-date and above all 100% Made in Italy. Explore the double and single beds, the linens and pillows, the accessories for the living area and the sleeping area: armchairs, containers, chairs, tables, sofas, ottomans and benches.

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The Twils Lounge collections are created with the real meaning of design in mind: a valute this is intrinsic in the design, that is conveyed in its comfort, in the beautiful upholstery and the meticulous attention to detail.
A perfectly successful exercise in style and construction.

The wide range of accessories in the Twils Lounge collection means you can put your own personal stamp on the living area and make it more functional.

TwilsLounge was born with the will to think about new living proposals. From the experience on upholstery and the taste for textiles, all the collections have been designed to be different from the normal canonical styles. Iconic pieces, everyday life objects represent and tell the emotion of having a Twils Lounge sofa at home.