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Nodus weaves wool and silk, hemp and linen, shapes and colors, past and future, east and west, craftsmanship, art and design. Large collection of creative and design rugs. A collection born from an important project that brings together, in the space of a single rug, the most ancient traditions of the weaving with the ideas and visions of the most daring contemporary designers. Handmade visions, knot by knot, by expert craftsmen all over the world.

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Nodus is a craft workshop with a cultural plan: the oldest traditions and knowledge in the art of carpet design are reinterpreted using the vision of the most innovating Designers and Architects, producing only unique pieces, promoting through events and publications in order to spread the knowledge to all about the new shapes and forms of a piece that has accompanied man since antiquity.

Craftsmanship: Nodus has selected from the best producers in six countries of the world (Nepal, Pakistan, India, Turkmenistan, China and Turkey) visiting them one by one, verifying materials, techniques, expert craftsmen and ethical production.

Each carpet from Nodus will be a unique piece, entirely made by hand, even including the packaging.
The result is a collection of 60 carpets that outlines a new horizon of shapes and colours, a collection that unhinges borders and goes beyond the hand of reason.
The spirit of the carpets is captured in dynamic and organic forms, like putting together a puzzle, assumes irregular profiles or takes inspiration from contemporary and everyday products such as fabrics, tablecloths, books and maps.
All the rules are torn up, except one: The hand weaving, knot by knot.

Whether you purchase or only appreciate the quality of a piece from Nodus, you can be assured that the carpet has been produced with the utmost respect, first and foremost for human rights, and the right to good working conditions and fair compensation.
The guarantee is from Rugmark, the international foundation that for 14 years has been working to end the exploitation of child labour, and rigorously inspects the manufacturing process every 3 months.