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Nidi draws the boundaries of a colourful world built around the needs of its inhabitants, the best possible place for playing, sleeping, learning and growing.
Nidi beds, wardrobes, bookcases and storage units, desks, accessories and complements have been designed with care and attention to detail and feature regular geometric shapes and an extensive colour palette. Upholstered items come in an extensive range of fabrics and stitching options.

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Nidi is one of the Battistella Group brands, with its own autonomy and vision.

A furniture line designed for the world of children and teenagers, conceived with a conscious approach to design and to the quality of the different materials, capable of creating innovative, stimulating individually tailored rooms where kids can grow and develop their own personality thanks to the use of light, modular forms that are playful and colourful.

Sleeping, playing and studying, sharing and storing, Nidi offers a collection that will grow with kids and allow teenagers to cultivate their sensibilities, dreams and ambitions. The flexible, modular, multifunctional form of the units makes them perfect for producing personalized configurations that can be rearranged as time passes, allowing the occupants to organize their rooms at will, accommodating their individual needs and passions.