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Ingo Maurer

Discover all the products designed by Ingo Maurer. Touching and strong impact object are made by playing with light, using the most modern and innovative technologies.
Table lamps, floor lamps, pendant lamps, ceiling and wall lamps with an innovative and unexpected design for indoor and outdoor lighting.

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In 1960 Ingo Maurer, the German designer and entrepreneur, winner of the Compasso d' Oro design prize in 2011, founded the Design M studio, which became later Ingo Maurer GmbH, the company that designs, produces and sells his lamps.

Right from the start he got out of the way of the lighting sector with inventions based on poor materials, technological experimentation and creative innovation. His creations, and also those developed with other designers, are objects that make people think or look poetically hidden aspects of everyday life and of the natural life; they light up and communicate messages.

It's not by chance that Ingo Maurer works from the beginning in very close contact with photographers who immortalize the production from the planning phase to the finished product, to show it at the end with the right interpretation.