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Ego Zeroventiquattro

Contemporary design and luxurious furniture: beds, bed sets, sofas, accessories, dressers, tables, chairs, bookcases, display cabinets. Exciting and fascinating furniture of incomparable beauty and high quality.

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A winning style.

Ego was born in 2004 thanks to the entrepreneurial intuition of Marco Giusti who has been able to identify in the glamor and fashion philosophy of innovative furniture to be put on the market decorative drawing from the experience and tradition. The qualitative excellence and experience in woodworking and in the choice of finishes give it soon a solid and well-defined that finds expression in stylish products and contemporary design. The new proposal of the brand Ego is entrusted to designer Silvano Del Guerra, who has succeeded in reinterpreting the new fully decorated in walnut collection, combining high quality materials such as marble, metals with increasingly original finishes and top quality leathers that represent the Italian lifestyle.

The new Ego collection offers the absolute excellence of walnut worked expertly in the traditional way giving it contemporary and modern soul thanks to a completely natural finish The elegant maple wood inside creates a fascinating and unexpected mix creating highly recognizable image. The ear as the shape like a couture dress, a foray into the fashion world for this new collection.

Ego is the skilful hand that transforms what belongs to nature in a fine and elegant masterpiece. Synonymous with bright surfaces, unique, sought after, is the heart that gives new life to the original material. Prestigious details make it unique and exclusive every element. Carrara marble and Frappuccino the Ego choices.

By an endless passion for what is beautiful and carefully tended, it was born a reality that aims to convey emotions in each realization. Ego uses only high quality leather made from the most ancient techniques that combined the traditional and artistic avangaurdia know produce each piece trying to tell a story with shades every time different. The end result of the creative process is not enclosed in single product but is embodied in the overview defined by stylistic and chromatic combinations that amplify the guidelines.

Iron and fire are in the DNA of the company Ego.

Ancient experience from which to draw new ideas to reinterpret modern products and unique design. Methods and techniques are strictly artisan and enhance skilfully encounters with the hammer. Since the forging and soldering iron each product becomes a unique work. The iron with its rigor and simplicity creates a unique game but meandering in supporting each item.