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“I sogni di Matilde” is a romantic collection of bedrooms. A fairytale world fully dedicated to all the little princes and princesses. Authentic classy and elegant masterpieces that combine great attention to detail, extreme versatility and unique customizations.

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History, passion, success

Eighty years of history are an unquestionable value and an essential luggage. In 1932, Gino Chiarugi (grandfather of the present owner and Artistic Director) constructs the building of 3,000 square meters where the factory starts to produce living rooms and bedrooms in a industrial method. In 1960, Franco Dolfi, son-in-law of Gino Chiarugi, after an apprenticeship as a represent of furniture, founded in 1964 a production of consoles and mirrors, which is able to export all over the world. In the 90s, it explodes the trend of poor art and this will be the springboard name Dolfi, worldwide, as a manufacturer of classic furniture and upholstery.

Today the focus of the company are two collections: FD Collection which is a collection of contemporary furniture and Sogni di Matilde, a collection, inspired by his daughter Matilda, of romantic bedrooms for children and teenagers.