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Del Bello

Something which did not exist before, an object which remains tomorrow: a product with the name Del Bello knows no time. Simply and absolutely, it is.

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Del Bello is a brand of excellence, a name of prestige, the pride of a company and the truth of a family.

For more than 40 years Del Bellohas been the expression of a noble craftsmanship, of a beauty loved and lived. An outline of Italian history and creativity: exciting, thrilling, the best.

An outline of Italian history and creativity: exciting, thrilling, the best.

From the province of Bergamo (Italy) to the world, it is the affirmation of a unique and original style: the result of a winning composition.
Everything is so unique and different: the same combination of elements has the ability to generate much more than a single effect.

When you look at a Del Bello handmade object, when you get near to its 'essence', what occurs and happens?

Beyond the aesthetics, the design, connotation and contextualization, you perceive much more. Certainly the sensation of a life dedicated to beauty, studied in fine detail, repeated and interpreted in its fascinating detail. Certainly something that achieves and recounts a concept of “soul”.

Del Bello is a family, a dimension, a fantastic adventure to model and invent.
A reality that through the years has succeeded in evolving, maintaining a constant line of innovation; a force of character – as much personal as business – made up of enthusiastic competition, extended involvement,adaptability and awareness.

Today, as yesterday, Del Bello is distinction and individuality; above all, as always, it is the subject, hands and heart.
In synthesis, an authentic creation: imagined, designed and produced by generations of people in love with the best.