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Traditional and precious beds, benches, dressers, wrought-iron night tables to create an embracing and sophisticated bedroom; mirrors and wrought-iron hangers for an entrance., coffee tables, tables and chairs.

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Since January 2013, Stefano Cosatto Srl settled in Pasian di Prato, in the modern warehouse of 12,000 square meters, designed to bring back together all the activities previously carried out in three separate factories.

The growth and success of the brand Cosatto are the result of a constant technological, planning and productive progress, made ​​with a watchful trade policy, paying particular attention to the needs and tastes of the customers.

The company has preserved its calling to quality: each Cosatto product combines craftsmanship and advanced manufacturing technology to create articles that preserve the flavor of the past and at the same time guarantee the best strength and durability. The modern technological tools ensure the achievement of quality standards at the highest levels, and the care and attention to details in the production offer quality guarantee.

On the other hand, the cost effectiveness of our products derives from the optimization of production processes and from a careful management of resources. This allows us to create a product of Italian design at the best market prices.

In the last few years we have added to traditional and prestigious wrought-iron beds, some contemporary models, upholstered iron beds with an aggressive and personal design, the result of the collaboration of some talented architects to meet everyone's needs.