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A collection of maximum versatility, to interpret timeless houses. Colors, materials and unmistakable signs marked by a coherent yet always surprisingly unique and recognizable decor. Wooden furniture with fine finishes, warm and cold materials manage a balance of sensations and identifications. Tables, beds, sofas, chairs, lamps, benches and bathroom furniture coexist in the same spaces. Mixed, combined, overlapped, overturned, stacked, transformed. Similar to art deco, each piece is characterized by the unique design and is protagonist of the contemporary home. Free furnishing solutions, which explore different aesthetic and compositional choices.

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Cocò Collection is a complete home furnishings programme.

From the entrance to the living room, from the sleeping area to the bathroom, including the transitional spaces, where the new pieces can be placed. If we look at it, we think about a contemporary, timeless and elegant style which can transform according to the different living needs. Cocò Collection is designed with modules and almost endless interpretations of finishes and accessories: fabrics, leathers, faux leathers, solid surfaces and noble marbles including the precious and refined “Calacatta Oro” for luxury furnishings. These materials coexist with wood, which is fully present and emphasized due to the hand-crafted manufacturing only known by Callesella.

Cupboards, consoles and dressers can be used according to their standard function, otherwise they can become a bathroom or entrance cabinet thanks to the project which considers different depths and heights. Many of these modules are available with short or tall legs, differently they can be completely hanged, without any legs.