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Walk-in closet by Presotto




Tecnopolis&Varius - Walk-in closet by Presotto

Presotto offers different modular wooden walk-in closet solutions in a modern style, characterized by total customization.
Perfect combination of design flexibility, stylistic research and innovation.

Presotto walk-in closets are functional, highly customizable and can be equipped both externally and internally according to space and use requirements.
Infinite solutions thanks to the different finishes and materials, which can be viewed in the relative attachment.

There are many compositions that can be composed, according to needs and habits.
They can be equipped with different solutions of accessories (drawer units, shelves, pull-out elements, trays and LED light), to organize your space in absolute compositional freedom.
Open compartments and coat hangers are integrated with tie racks, trousers racks, shoe racks and equipped shelves.

The interior of the Presotto walk-in wardrobes adapts to everyone's needs.
With wood or glass paneling, or in the Varius Free version without backrests.


  • Tecnopolis Free
  • Varius
  • Varius Free

For more information and product features, you can view the dedicated sheet.

Create the perfect wardrobe tailored for you!

We design the perfect walk-in closet solution to get the most out of the space available, thanks to the design of a custom-made walk-in closet and the wide choice of accessories available.

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Made in Italy, experience, innovation, creativity and sustainability are the ​​essential values of Presotto's philosophy, represented by a veritable pyramid of life that encompasses all the reliability of a historic brand, which is appreciated in Italy and in the world from 1948, and considered able to realize high level design solutions. These values guide the design and implementation of modern furnishings with unique and inimitable features.

Since 1948 we are specialized in furnishing your houses. We are cutting edge in dressing up walls and floors with elegance and refined style.

We love our furniture and we would like you to appreciate them too. We take care of each detail, we design emotions and put our passion into our creations.

We follow modern trends and we reinvent the collections to improve their quality and be able to amaze you. We use natural materials and we always search for sustainable solutions for the ecosystem. We are ISO 14001 certified and EMAS registered in order to highlight our commitment to safeguard the earth's resources. We always propose attractive elements completed by elegant finishes. And we build custom-made furniture in order to help you to create the house of your dreams.

To make you feel at home is our only goal.



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