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Nuovoliolà 10

Wall bed with sofa by Clei




Nuovoliolà - wall bed with sofa by Clei

Nuovoliolà, convertible bed without any compromiseThe bed opens vertically with a simple wave of the hand, while the sofa remains hidden under the bed, always ready to be used. At the same time the shelf leans gently against the bed's feet.

  • Dimensions: W 173 x L 121/220 (with open bed) x H 220 cm.
  • Pieces: wall bed with shelf and sofa, slatted bed base with anodized aluminium extruded frame and multilayer bent beech wood slats.
  • Sofa seat height: 40 cm; Sofa seat depth: 90 cm.
  • Bed maximum capacity: 200 kg.
  • Locking nylon straps for the mattress with black nylon buckles.
  • Sofa padding in expanded polyurethane.

Finishes include the structure, the headboard and the shelf.
For technical reasons we recommend to use one of the Clei mattresses. 

  • Mattress dimensions: W 202 x L 154 x H 18 cm.

Nuovoliolà is available with or without the sofa arms.

  • Sofa arms' padding in polyurethane and fabric that can be chosen among Clei finishes.

It is possible to add the upholstered headboard, the double bedspread, and one or more down-filled pillows, choosing among Clei finishes.
You can add a pair of warm tone LED lights, with internal motion sensor switch.


  • The products are supplied disassembled and their easy installation is supported by comprehensive instructions.
  • Free-standing system
  • The opening system is fixed to the structure with gears that remain perfectly tighten in both the day and the night positions.
  • If you choose the wood finish, the internal deckhead will be of oak laminate.
  • The price includes the pull-down double bed with the sofa and the shelf, but not the lateral elements.

Consult the attachments and accessories section for more information on the technical characteristics of the product, the available finishes/upholsteries and the proposed mattresses

It is possible to add other pieces of furniture. Contact us for a quote.

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Estimated production time
8 weeks


Read more about Clei

Clei, furnishings industry, is based in Brianza (North of Italy) and boasts origins back in time. The company was established in 1962 with a great propensity for innovation, focusing on a design directed to integrate Transformable Systems into modular and versatile furniture collection, for home furnishings, holiday houses and business residences.

To the growing market demand for versatile and multifunctional furnishing solutions, able to satisfy the different living requirements, Clei responds with the two furniture collections living systems and young systems, integrated to transformable systems for the living area and the young people space. The high technological collections contain research, creativity, innovation and engineering, that are the main lines of Clei's philosophy and competitive strategy.

Besides the design and the patented technology, an extremely easiness of use: simple movements for multiple functions and performances/solutions, with neither limits nor compromises.
Bookshelves, storage units, sofas, tables and desks are combined in one area that is both shared out and shared with, and they transform from living furniture into night elements with comfortable beds in different sizes ready to use, with more advantages than the standard solutions



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