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Bolzan chest of drawers




Oikos - Bolzan chest of drawers

Oikos is a collection of containers with linear and clean shapes, entirely covered in fabric and enriched with painted metal handles.
It is also possible to customize their top by choosing between lacquered and marble version.

Models and dimensions

  • Bedside table (cod.COOI) - W 49 x D 51 x H 44 cm
  • Chest of drawers 3 (cod.CO3OI) - W 94 x D 55 x H 69 cm
  • Chest of drawers 4 (cod.CO4OI) - W 94 x D 55 x H 85 cm
  • Chest of drawers 3+3 (cod.CO33OI) - W 142 x D 55 x H 69 cm
  • chest of drawers 6 (cod.SOI) - W 49 x D 55 x H 126 cm

Consult the attachments and accessories section for more information on the technical characteristics of the product and the proposed finishes and upholsteries.

Bolzan LAB Design


Additional Info


Read more about Bolzan

Bolzan letti was founded in the '90s by the family Bolzan.
Despite maintaining its craft character and dimension, by the year 2000 the company had already developed into an industrial enterprise, integrating the craftsmanship know-how with a modern mechanization.
The next step was taken by Piercarlo and Elisabetta Bolzan who, between 2000 and 2010, turned their surname into a nationally and internationally acknowledged brand.
Responsibles for the company's dynamic and stimulating strategies, Elisabetta and Piercarlo Bolzan share the creative and productive line, develop the stylistic characteristics and aesthetic principles.

"Made in Italy" is the key word of Bolzan's identity. Besides the union between sensitivity and emotion enhanced by craftsmanship and the industrial accuracy, it is required a continuous research of materials, impeccable details and a company thoroughly prepared to build a convincing style.
Our mantra is "never leave our customer's targets unattended", and since 10 years of leadership in the market we never changed our mind. Contemporary, reliability and quality place Bolzan Letti among the leader companies in the market and among the main producers and distributors of upholstered beds and accessories, stylish and skilful pieces of furniture.

Contemporary or classic design, together with maximum comfort, have strengthened the presence of the company in an increasingly demanding, competitive and global market, without neglecting in any way its background.
This is the reason why Bolzan Letti keeps being the benchmark for conscious, eclectic and international customers, who feel at home everywhere in the world but would never forget the links with their own origins, with their roots and with a certain mood of enjoying the house that should reflect their own personality.


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