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Idrobox #4

Birex laundry composition




Idrobox #4 - Birex laundry composition

Small or large houses, singles or large families: everyone needs to organize an ideal laundry space.
It can be a corner in the bathroom or a special room: the important thing is that it is orderly, functional, intelligent and maybe - why not? - enjoyable.

Idrobox is a multifaceted system that allows you to create the most diverse solutions for washing, drying and ironing, fitting into any space: from the small closet, to the bathroom, to a real home laundry.


  • W 180+255 x D 60 x H 200 cm


  • n.1 open column terminal W 60 x D 33 x H 200 cm
  • n.2 door column W 60 x D 60 x H 200 cm
  • n.10 internal shelf W 60 x D 60 x th. 1.8 cm
  • n.2 overhead wall units W 75 x D 60 x H 60 cm with 1 internal shelf
  • n.1 bench for bases W 150 x D 60 x H 44 cm
  • n.2 laundry container W 66 x D 47.5 x H 39 cm
  • plinth L 211 x H 8 cm
  • n.1 semi-recessed washbasin base W 90 x D 35 x H 92 cm
  • n.1 ground base 2 doors L 90 x P 35 x H 92 cm
  • n.1 mineral marble floor th. 1.5 c / integrated sink L 180 x P 50/35 cm
  • n.2 open element with metal sides W 45 x D 18 x H 60 cm
  • n.1 mirror with polished edge L 90 x H 60 x th. 2 cm
  • plinth L 250 x H 8 cm
  • n.1 Minù chrome sink mixer 

Consult the attachments section to view the available finishes.


Read more about Birex

Birex is a dynamic company born in 1989, that has become in a few years a leader in the sector of multifunctional complements and furniture for laundries and thresholds. Sensitive to the world of communication, Birex has always invested and believed in the spreading of its own brand and in the power of innovation.

Since April 1997, the company became part of an important group in the furniture sector, achieving, thanks to strong synergies, a great future with an optimal trend rate of growth. The wide range of products allows to furnish efficiently all domestic spaces with the Bath Collection and with the Complements Collection.

Our products, available in many sizes and with an up-to-date range of finishings, are the result of a high technology research and a special care for the details, and they also provide specific instructions regarding use and maintenance of the most delicate materials. Moreover, both the customer service and and the after-sales service make of Birex a complete company. Every year we participate at the major Italian fairs, such as Cersaie and The Milan Furniture Fair, but we have also participated at other fairs such as Ideobain or Cevisama.


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