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Ultom home office bookcase




6XME - Ultom home office bookcase

Ultom converts the office in a natural habitat. Today comfort, modernity, ergonomy and design enter directly in your home.
Smart working? Much more: Ultom’s Home Office.

Colour and human nature. Perceptions and graphics. Artistic accents and expressive abundance.
This is the message of Ultom bookcases.

Think your office at your image and you will work better.

The 6xME library, the perfect complement to Ultom's Home Office programs, is highly modular and customizable.
Please contact us to study the ideal solution for you.

Consult the attachment section to view the 6xME modules and finishes. 

6xME - Creative versatility, home tailored


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Thirty years of experience in Office Furniture.

Ultom was founded in 1982 thanks to the Tombolan family's will to give to the office-furniture its great experience coming from a long working time in the home furniture world.

The Italian tradition of masterly carpentry and the secrets of workmanship have been passed on from father to son since the beginning of the century reaching nowadays its third generation: from the little craftsman's workshop to a productive space of 15.000 square metres.

The willpower to understand and to develop at one's best the Office Furniture world has brought Ultom to work together with architects and designers to create a range of products, one of the most complete in the furniture market, with special attention to the functional and aesthetical aspects.

Fruit of a project started at the end of nineties, Ultom Italia is now engaged in the proposal of three different products philosophies that are identified in Ultom, Newtom and Artom.

Ultom is the furniture designed for those environments where the requirements of service and neutrality are predominant, to allow to “Work well”, easy work day by day.

Newtom is the attention to the creativity, to the design and to the values that determine the new way of living inside the office for a Better World.

Artom is the story and the capacity to interpret and give the contemporary world some of the craftsman’s techniques and formal expression of the twentieth century as New Heritage.

Different ways of working together, the thousand of small offices of all types, new multi-media technology, flexible working hours, all require an office which is brighter, more creative, personalised even though it is shared, super efficient and yet not hierarchical.

For Newtom the tangible signs of the new philosophy are colour, variety of forms, softness, simplicity, spirit of collaboration and self-evident identity. Offices designed for the many people in this world for whom work is not only a necessity, but a project of life.

Artom has its roots in the culture and the styles of a past rich in interesting ideas. Influenced by Art Deco and the modern movement, Artom has designed contemporary furniture of indisputable elegance with the imprint of fine craftsmanship.



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